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Quick Start Gallery

The Quick Start Cloud is ion’s built-in collection of prefabricated interactive experience templates that can be branded, customized and launched without development—many in under an hour.

Lookbooks & Tours

ion interactive Quick Start Easy Product Tour

Easy Product Tour

The Easy Product Tour is one of our “easy” Quick Starts, designed to launch in under an hour, with minimal or no training. This product tour allows users to learn more about your business or product by clicking through a series of slides about the product. The final slide of the tour features a form that users can complete in order to gain access to an asset. A CTA located in the upper right corner navigates users the fourth slide of the tour where they will be encouraged to complete a form.
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ion interactive Quick Start Scrollable Lookbook

Scrollable Lookbook

The Scrollable Lookbook Quick Start uses tooltips, subtle animations, and tabbed content to share details about a product or service. Large imagery is leveraged to capture attention and showcase the product in an attractive way. In-page linking makes it easy for users to scroll to the form to request more information.
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ion interactive Quick Start Storyteller


The Storyteller Quick Start includes large background imagery and a flow step functionality that can be used to share a product or brand story. The Quick Start includes interactive content elements such as reveal tiles, quiz questions, and animations that capture user attention and encourage interaction with the content.
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ion interactive Quick Start Product Tour

Product Tour

Use this Product Tour Quick Start to tell your product’s story using an engaging, benefit-driven grid layout. Each benefit drives to a deeper page that includes multiple calls-to-action to generate leads or inbound interest. This useful, visually powerful design is easily repurposed to memorably tell any action-oriented story.
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ion interactive Quick Video Product Tour

Video Product Tour

The Video Product Tour Quick Start showcases your product, organization or service using engaging, categorized videos. 16 videos are grouped into four categories, but you can include as few or as many videos as you like. And you'll gain insights into which topics and videos are most compelling for your audience. Optional calls-to-action are included to give you leads in addition to engagement.
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ion interactive Quick Start Lookbook


The Lookbook is a great way to show off your products in a highly visual, single-page sliding user experience. Show off your product or themed set of products with this digital look book and drive leads and/or visitors into your shopping cart. 
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ion interactive Quick Start - Long Page with Tool Tips

Long Page with Tool Tips

The Long Page with Tool Tips experience allows your visitors to scroll through and explore product features using the ion reveal component. Through the use of bold imagery, visitors can swiftly guide through your products. This long page layout also includes a fade in call-to-action, as well as social sharing icons to encourage visitors to learn more. Adapt it to use it for any visually rich content. It's great for generating new leads, or linking to your existing shopping cart. 
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ion interactive Quick Start - Segmented Tour

Segmented Tour

Use this Quick Start to segment users to an interior page that includes content and information that is relevant to them. Interactivity is present throughout the experience to encourage the user to engage with your brand to learn more about your products or services. Tooltips, accordions, and a unique form treatment will help your content stand out.
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