Interactive Content Marketing Testing

Measurement and results are great, but how do you know you’re maximizing? You test. And when built-in A/B/n testing is a few clicks and no code away, you do it.

Automatically or Manually Optimize

When it comes to risk management, you’re in the driver’s seat. ion is not some bantam weight testing platform. Statistical confidence can be set between 80-99% at your discretion. You can choose how traffic is distributed, or automate optimization at your confidence interval for lightning-fast management that capitalizes on opportunities as they emerge. Because it’s so fast and easy, our customers achieve unparalleled testing success, with more than 75% of our customers reporting 100% or higher conversion improvement. 

On Mother’s Day alone, the real-time change in traffic splits resulted in over $45,000 in incremental revenue. That’s revenue that would have been lost without ion interactive’s actionable, real-time approach. We don’t continue to lose on any test—we auto-optimize as soon as we have significance.
— American Greetings