Content Experience Impact and the Buyer's Journey

From the Demand Metric 2018 Benchmark Study Report
Exclusive Webinar

A Roadmap to Impact 

Now in its second edition, the Demand Metric study “Content Experience Impact and the Buyer’s Journey” highlights the ways in which impactful content can influence decision-making.


Scripted with key insights from the study, we invite you to watch Demand Metric’s webinar, a must-watch for marketers hoping to create meaningful and productive content experiences.


This exclusive webinar dives into important points of the study including:

  • How passive versus active content impacts revenue;
  • How marketers are leveraging content to support the buyer’s journey at each stage;
  • Tips to consider when developing successful content strategies;
  • And more!


Full of industry benchmarks and takeaways, this webinar serve as an engaging introduction to interactive experiences and sets the stage for building out your content marketing efforts.


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