How to Make Your Content Interactive

The tactical ins and outs of actually making it happen.

What should you build?
Where should you launch it?
What resources & tools do you need?
How much time should you invest?
What measurement can you expect?

Join ion co-founder Anna Talerico and product specialist Jay Ojea and get answers to some of the most challenging interactive content questions. Learn the tactical ins and outs of getting an interactive content program off the ground, followed by a brief product demo of the leading interactive content marketing platform.

  • Resources, Time and Planning
  • TCO—Launching and Maintaining
  • Evolution and Customization
  • Data Opportunities and Management

Research and performance show that interactive content captures attention, engages, converts and profiles leads better than static content. The hurdle has always been making it happen.

Join us for the webinar and learn how to interactivate your content.