In B2B online marketing every click counts. By staying focused on conversion you can be sure of high-value, high ROI programs that deliver great leads for your sales team, channel and partners.

So how do you do it? Here’s five strategies that can help fuel a great lead generation program.

1. Start with great CONTENT.

An effective lead generation program starts with quality content. Creating great content and delivering it to your audiences from a great landing experiences helps grow your brand and gain loyalty from your users. It also typically leads to more leads and sales, which means higher ROI from your marketing investment.

We can define quality content with a bevy of adjectives like unique, valuable, engaging, useful, relevant, well-researched, credible and so many more.

But what truly makes it great content is evaluating it through the lens of your users. Is it relevant to your target audience? Does it serve to engage them? Will it be useful to your audience? Think about your content as the first step in creating a great user experience.  

Repurposing your content can also help you feed other channels too. A webinar could feed blog posts and tweets, as well as white papers or infographics. Repurpose, but make it unique so that each peace can stand alone and be valuable for your audience.

2. DESIGN boldly.

Use landing pages to capture leads, but steer clear of the formulaic lead gen landing page. Somewhere along the way someone decided that landing experiences had to be a single page. That it had to be all things to all people. That you can add a few bullet points (because people don’t read) and a form and you’re all set. 

But today, we have more sophisticated users engaging with us from a variety of different sources. They are at different stages in the funnel, and their expectations of the experience you present to them is higher than it has ever been before.  

Design pages that stand out, and create a more meaningful experience for your users. Stretch for new ways to present your content and draw your audience closer to your brand by incorporating elements that encourage meaningful user engagement. 

3. Make it RELEVANT.

Relevance is key in producing great lead generation results. When it comes to relevance, there are a number of factors to consider. 

  • Where are they in the funnel? Are they at the top, exploring and learning?  Are they at the bottom, making a decision?
  • Who are they? 
  • What is the role they have in the organization? 
  • What’s important to them? 
  • Is it relevant to your message?
  • Does it fulfill your promise from your ad, tweet or email? 
  • Is it relevant by device?
  • How is your user looking to reach you?

Below are some quick tips for ensuring a relevant and valuable experience for your visitors:

  1. Provide highly targeted, audience-specific content or allow visitors to choose the content that is most relevant to them 
  2. Make it easy for your audience to find exactly what they are looking for (see above)
  3. Message match your landing pages with the traffic source
  4. Deliver device-optimized experiences — responsive design ensures that you are always delivering the right experience, no matter the device

What happens when you incorporate all of the above into your lead generation experiences? Brilliance.

4. Test big for BIG results.

This strategy is simple: if you want the really big results, you’re going to have to run the really big tests. However, keep in mind that running big, meaningful tests doesn’t always mean you have to “risk it to get the biscuit." You can embrace significant testing while still being safe. You can start with smaller tests (such as minor design changes) to help build the confidence you’ll need to experiment with more radical differences, such as a microsite versus a multi-step experience. It’s okay to start small, but it’s the big tests that will drive your biggest conversion lifts.

5. CULTURE of Experimentation.


As stated above, your biggest wins will come from testing innovative experiences versus iterative experiences. Take the time to build a culture of experimentation in your organization. A culture of experimentation focuses on the opportunity to learn — and is not afraid to fail.

As stated above, your biggest wins will come from testing innovative experiences versus iterative experiences. Take the time to build a culture of experimentation in your organization. A culture of experimentation focuses on the opportunity to learn — and is not afraid to fail.

Here, at ion, we practice a simple three step process: test, learn, repeat. Its easy and effective, but it takes diligence. Often, when you get rolling with testing, experimentation takes a back seat to rapid optimization (tweaking existing pages to squeeze out greater performance or efficiency). The big wins are achieved through experimentation — trying brand new ideas. Experimentation can involve things like testing a new offer, value proposition, or targeting a new or more specific audience segment. Need some help generating ideas to drive your experimentation? Here are 5 strategies that can help you

Great landing pages are the backbone of great lead gen.

Landing pages are where you have the best chance to really impact your lead generation results because it’s completely under your control. Higher conversion rates translate directly into less cost for more leads. Every click should lead to a great experience. And every experience should provide: 1. great content 2. beautiful design 3. high relevancy 4. opportunity for big results & 5. opportunity for big learning.

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