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12 Holiday Landing Page Tips

No drummers drumming, or even a partridge in a pear tree here, just 12 of the very best tips and tricks for creating and testing digital experiences that generate leads, enhance brands and drives sales this holiday season. Read More.

Deck the Halls with App-Like Games

'Tis the season to be shopping, and to be shopping smart! Although online shopping can be quite stressful and scary, apps can make online shopping a fun and entertaining experience. Read More.

18 Mind-Blowing Landing Page Stats [Infographic]

In 18 mind-blowing stats, we prove that prioritizing your landing page program is a must for improving your digital marketing results. As a bonus, enjoy our Landing Page Toolkit to get help get you started with landing pages! Read More.

The case for user-driven segmentation on your web pages

Conversion paths that employ user-driven segmentation can be incredibly powerful for lifting conversions (via increased audience & need relevancy), as well as enhancing a visitor's perception of your brand (via the 'hey, these people really get me' factor). Read More.

Make a connection with your online visitors

Get your visitors to give you more time and attention by presenting them with a highly relevant, specific page of content and a reason to convert. Relevancy says to the visitor, 'you are in the right place, and we have something for you.' Common sense, right? Read More.

Webinar: Landing Page Toolkit

We take you through 10 exercises that are guaranteed to improve your landing page results. Plus, get access to the downloadable toolkit, the comprehensive collection of interactive landing page tools, templates and resources covered in the webinar! Read More.

You're too good to have a boring landing page

With user expectations for great experiences increasing at the speed of light, and the pressure on marketers to improve campaign performance mounting, a routine landing page will rarely deliver the kind of conversion results an organization needs in order to achieve high campaign ROI. Here are some ways to go beyond basic landing pages to drive higher conversions by serving up targeted, specific, relevant landing experiences that engage your audience. Read More.