Our interactive content marketing services are the fastest, most effective way to go from concept to launch.

We’re an interactive content software company, but service is built into everything we do. Our service really begins before you are a customer. Once you get connected with an account development representative we’ll start a program plan that provides a framework for your interactive content marketing. In addition to outlining your interactive content opportunities the program plan captures roles & responsibilities, goals & objectives, timelines, milestones and roadmap. It’s a straightforward document to illuminate your path to launch. Your service options include:

support & guidance

Who Do-It-Yourself is right for:
Marketing teams with copy and design resources who want to create interactive content experiences without developers.

How it works:
You’ll use the ion interactive content software platform to design, launch and test your content experiences. Your options include building experiences from scratch, or leveraging the Quick Start Cloud library of pre-built, ready-made experiences. Either way, we’re with you every step of the way. Your subscription to the ion software platform includes customized training, set up, ongoing guidance from a dedicated customer success team, best-practice webinars, and access to lots of support videos and articles to build your internal expertise. The software gives you flexibility, scalability, agility—letting you get more done with fewer resources with faster turnaround times and higher quality. The customer success team gives you the guidance and support you need to help you meet your business objectives.

Service level:
Customized training, initial set up, ongoing support & best-practice guidance for your internal team to use the ion interactive content software.

Ready-made interactive content services

Who Ready-Made services are right for:
Marketing teams who want external expertise to launch modern, effective, measurable interactive content experiences.

How it works:
Our team will leverage the ion interactive content software platform to design, build and launch content experiences on your behalf. Using the Quick Start Cloud library of ready-made experiences, we’ll customize each experience with your branding and content to bring your interactive experience to life. Our proven process helps ensure we’re agile and efficient. We start with a program plan to help capture your goals, objectives and content roadmap. We then create a concept brief that documents the content, functionality and design of each experience, along with an interactive wireframe. Based on the interactive wireframe, we design and publish your experience, including QA and launch. We move through these steps quickly and efficiently, ensuring your deadlines are met—on time and on budget. Ready-made interactive content is our most popular service and typically includes 6, 9 or 12 interactive content experiences per year. 

Service level:
Fully managed, concept-to-completion interactive content from design through launch using the ion Quick Start Cloud library of experiences.

Custom interactive content services

Who Custom services are right for:
With a wide variety of options, custom services are right for just about everyone. Whether you need a single interactive content experience or a veritable boatload—if you have custom requirements—we can meet them. 

How it works:
Working on a project basis, we’ll create one or more custom interactive content experiences. If you already know what you want to launch, just hand us your scope & requirements and we’ll be your extra hands on deck. If you need help determining what you need and how to bring it to life, we can help with that as well! Our process includes the creation of concept briefs & interactive wireframes that help map out how your static content will transform into an engaging interactive experience. 

Service level:
Based on your needs—from project based to fully managed.

The strategic thinking behind the ideas the team puts forth, combined with the agility of the platform make incremental value growth quick, easy, and real. Sharp people and best-in-class software is a tough act to beat.
— Eric Berkman, Genworth Financial

Interactive content services designed for your success

Whether you just need some training & guidance, or a fully-managed service, we'll be the rock star team that gets it done for you. ion account managers, designers, writers and web producers are an extension of your organization—helping you launch modern content experiences that generate engagement, leads and sales. 

We live and breathe interactive content and we love to partner with our customers to bring their content to life.  

For all customers—from Do It Yourself to Ready Made

When you subscribe to the ion interactive content marketing software you’ll receive lots of hands-on help to get you rolling. We use a formalized onboarding approach and customers receive:

  • Branding—We’ll ensure all the interactive content you launch in the ion software is brand compliant with a customized theme we create for you based on your brand requirements. 
  • Integrations—Set up of standard exports for your CRM, marketing automation and analytics is included. 
  • Customized training—Based on your internal resources and skill set you can select from the Basic, Intermediate or Expert training series
  • Success checkpoints—Throughout your onboarding and set up we’ll be holding your hand and after launch your customer success team is available for quarterly checkins to discuss results, new strategies and best practices to help you stay on course. 
  • Ongoing support & guidance—All customers receive phone and email support from their customer success team, as well as access to best practice webinars, videos and articles to help build your expertise. 
  • Custom integrations (optional)—If you need a custom integration we have lots of options and a specialized marketing technology team to make it happen for you. 
  • Project-based interactive content creation (optional)—Do It Yourself customers can always leverage our interactive content services on a project or extended engagement, as needed. Sometimes you just need extra hands on deck, and we love to be those hands for you!

For Ready-Made and Custom services

When you engage with us in a program or project you’ll get comprehensive services: 

  • Program planning—The program plan becomes our guide to a successful engagement, ensuring a strategic foundation is laid and your goals are hit. 
  • Concept briefs & wireframes—Each interactive content initiative is documented with a concept brief and a modern interactive wireframe that shows the user experience, content architecture and functionality before design & build.
  • Professional interactive content—Based on the concept brief and wireframes, we design and build your interactive content including QA and launch.
  • Insights and reporting—Monthly insight reports prepared by our data analysts will capture results, behavioral insights and recommendations for evolving improvements. Real-time reporting is always available in the ion platform as well!
  • Account management—You’ll have a knowledgeable account team who makes sure it all comes together, driving your program to success.  Weekly snapshots and bi-monthly meetings keep all stakeholders on the same page and your finger on the pulse of the program. 
  • Content testing & optimization (optional)—If you are all about hitting defined goals for increasing engagement, leads and sales, we recommend using our content testing and optimization services. We’ll create & launch test plans, monitor results, provide test insights and recommendations for follow on tests. Our optimization services are incredibly effective, with 75% of customers reporting conversion improvements of 100% or more. Let us do it for you too!
ion interactive’s services team helped us strategize how to best implement holistic optimization–really a redesign of our lead generation program–with the ion platform.
— Construction Data Company