Get Specific & Relevant

Get specific and relevant with virtually limitless targeting conditions. Segment by region or interest. Customize messaging based on a visitor's past behavior. Get granular with conditional targeting based on device, time of day, referring URL and much more.

Leverage Internal and External Data

Leverage data from ads, emails, CRM and marketing automation systems to make your targeting even sharper. Transform campaigns into relevant, lead and demand generation powerhouses.

Get Personal

Build interactive content experiences so relevant your audience can’t help but convert.  Pass important data directly to your sales team. Dynamically change where people go and what they see based on who they are, what they’ve done and how they’ve expressed interest.

Heck, you can even dynamically alter forms—giving returning, non-converting visitors a shorter form than first-timers or presenting sequential progressive profiling forms on repeat visits and so on.

We can easily deploy online campaigns, track results and modify campaigns in real-time to optimize our spend.
— Citrix Systems