Shifting focus from traffic to conversions


My name is Jay and I am a traffic guy.

For us: “Traffic is King.” I lived by that saying for 13 years. Focusing my efforts on generating as much traffic as possible, while never really caring for any conversion metric besides 'time on site'. That all changed for me when I started working at ion as a Marketing Technologist.

Join me as I take you through my journey of shifting focus from traffic to conversions — a three part series on the areas of conversion that I overlooked while focusing on generating traffic.

Landing what?

The first major misstep I made was the landing page...or lack of landing pages. Landing pages should be created with your target audience in mind. Give that audience a scent to follow with a clear call-to-action. Landing pages do not need to be just one page. You can have multi-step forms and mini-sites that can guide your respondent down the path to converting.

Testing huh?

My next huge mistake was not testing. I am only going to touch on testing a bit here, but in the coming weeks, I will dive into the different methods of testing. The most basic being the A/B test, then moving on to the A/B/N, then to the multivariate testing. Testing is the bread and butter of conversion optimization. Without testing, as marketers, we would be flying blind. Testing gives us the insight into what the visitor expects to accomplish their end goal.

Success! What's next?

Just when you thought testing was done, its time to test, test, test again! Testing should never be the final piece to a well-oiled converting machine. Testing is the fuel that runs that machine. Once a clear winner is determined, its time to create another hypothesis, and set up another challenger.

In the next three installments of my series, I will take you through some missteps that I made when I focused on generating traffic, more so than converting the traffic I had. Working in the affiliate market for 13 years, I see [now] just how much money I was leaving on the table by not creating and continuously targeted landing pages.

Stay tuned!