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Quick Start Gallery

The Quick Start Cloud is ion’s built-in collection of prefabricated interactive experience templates that can be branded, customized and launched without development—many in under an hour.

Interactive White Papers

ion interactive Quick Start Basic Long Page White Paper

Basic Long Page White Paper

This basic long page white paper brings life to your static content through a seamless scrolling and browsing experience. Peppered with interactive components such an animations and quizzes, this white paper is perfect for engaging your visitors, providing them with calls-to-action along the way.
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ion interactive Quick Start - Easy White Paper

Easy White Paper

The Easy White Paper is an interactive and engaging multiple-chapter white paper. Each chapter page is unique, to provide visual interest and to bring attention to your key content. Chapters include such things as images, tabbed and accordion content, clickable reveal tiles of short content and even a ‘true/false’ quiz-style question. Calls to action are included to complete a form in order to download the PDF version of the white paper. Each page is shareable, with Twitter and Facebook icons.

This Easy White Paper Quick Start is available in variations of 2-6 chapters for maximum flexibility.

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ion interactive Quick Start Interactive White Paper

Interactive White Paper

The interactive white paper is an excellent way to transform your static content into an interactive experience. It uses a unique, image-driven home page to drive visitors into chapter pages that include a variety of engaging elements including image effects with micro-themes, a quiz and more. This quick start is categorized as expert because it includes a quiz. All other aspects of the quick start are based on intermediate-level ion skills.
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ion interactive Quick Start White Paper with Content Preview

White Paper with Content Preview

This easy-to-navigate White Paper with Content Preview is a sleek and engaging Quick Start that allows visitors to seamlessly scroll and browse through your experience. Not only do visitors learn about your product, service or organization, but they participate throughout their content journey as well. Short quiz questions are included throughout each chapter to test their knowledge on your content or industry. Calls-to-action are included within the header and each chapter of the experience to download the white paper PDF.
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ion interactive Quick Start Gated WP with 1st Chapter Preview

Gated WP with 1st Chapter Preview

The Gated White Paper with First Chapter Preview is a robust white paper that displays the first chapter without requiring the user to complete a form. Once a user completes the form, the remaining chapters will be unlocked and available to the user to interact with. Content elements such as animations and tabbed content encourage users to interact and break up the content into something more digestible.
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ion interactive Quick Start Easy Long Page White Paper

Easy Long Page White Paper

This Easy Long Page White Paper is a long scrollable page that includes several interactive content elements including accordions and reveals tiles that help break up long content into easy to digest elements. Our Easy Quick Starts are designed to be easy to launch, regardless of skillset. Use this white paper to showcase key information from a more robust white paper as a way to entice users to complete a form to gain full access.
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ion interactive Quick Start White Paper with Segmentation and Quizzes

White Paper with Segmentation and Quizzes

The White Paper with Segmentation begins on an image focused navigation that encourages users to visit the topic or chapter that best meets their interest. Interior pages of the experience include several interactive content elements such as quiz questions, reveal tiles, and animations to capture user attention.
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