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Quick Start Gallery

The Quick Start Cloud is ion’s built-in collection of prefabricated interactive experience templates that can be branded, customized and launched without development—many in under an hour.

Interactive Infographics

ion interactive Quick Start Branded Infographic

Branded Infographic

The Branded Infographic Quick Start tells the world who your organization is in an engaging and modern way. Animations and interactive elements entice visitors as they scroll through the single-page design. Interesting and compelling details about your product, service, or organization are revealed along the way. And, if you're looking for leads, calls-to-action are built in at the top and bottom of the page.
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ion interactive Quick Start - Easy Content-Focused Infographic

Easy Content-Focused Infographic

The Easy Content-Focused Infographic With Quizzes Quick Start is a long scrollable page that breaks content up into an easy-to-scan experience for your visitors. Multiple quizzes are placed between content sections to educate your visitors as they scroll through and participate. As well, calls to action are placed in the header and at the bottom of the infographic for lead generation.
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ion interactive Quick Start - Timeline Infographic

Timeline Infographic

The Timeline Infographic is a unique and engaging long page experience that provides an entertaining way to display the timeline of your product, service, brand, or organization. With animations and interactive elements along the way, visitors scroll through and participate as they learn more and create a deeper engagement with your brand. And it’s peppered with multiple calls-to-action that deliver a lightbox-based form for your lead-gen efforts.
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ion interactive Quick Start Infographic with Quizzes

Infographic with Quizzes

This long page infographic is a modern, index-like Quick Start that provides witty, fun ideas for holding attention. It’s got nifty little quizlets built right in as visitors scroll through and participate. And it’s peppered with actionable calls-to-action that deliver a lightbox-based, lead-gen form.
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ion interactive Quick Start Long Page Layout with Sticky Navigation

Long Page Layout with Sticky Navigation

This visual and interactive long page layout with sticky navigation is the perfect experience to show off your content. In this example, we highlight features, benefits and pricing of a product. Using the long page design, visitors can navigate seamlessly through your content, with animations and effects built in to focus their attention on the topics you want to highlight most. With sticky navigation for convenient browsing and a call to action on every page, this experience will educate your visitors and entice them to learn more.
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ion interactive Quick Start Easy Infographic

Easy Infographic

The Easy Infographic is one of our “easy” Quick Starts, designed to launch in under an hour, with minimal or no training. This infographic allows users to scroll through five sections about a specific topic. A CTA located in the navigation scrolls the user to the footer in order to complete a simple form.
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ion interactive Quick Start - Social Infographic

Social Infographic

The Social Infographic includes several sections where you can encourage users to socially share stats, factoids, and important information about a product, service, or business. The long scrollable Quick Start leverages visually subtle animations, reveal tiles, and a video to encourage users to learn more about the product or service.
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ion interactive Quick Start - Timeline Infographic

Gated Infographic

The Gated Infographic Quick Start is the perfect digital experience to share your information with the world, while also capturing important lead information. This gated experience allows the user to scroll through the first section and then requests the user to fill out the form in order to unlock the rest of the content. The template uses interactive elements such as reveals, animations, graphs and flow sections along with engaging visuals to captivate the user while they read through the information presented.
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ion interactive Quick Start - Timeline Infographic

Easy Infographic with 3 Features

The Easy Infographic with 3 Features is part of our Easy Quick Start category, making it easy for any skill level to launch. Use this Quick Start to share the benefits of a product or service or to encourage visitors to gain access to a new resource. Subtle animations draw user attention to benefits, while bold imagery helps tell the story of your product.
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