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ion interactive Content Marketing Solutions
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ion interactive empowers marketing and design teams to produce data-driven, interactive experiences that engage, generate and profile higher quality leads.


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Engaging and Generating Higher Quality Leads with ion’s Interactive Content Marketing Solutions

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Interactive Content

Why force your buyer to settle for one-size-fits-all content when they could use relevant interactive experiences that provide personal value? Why limit yourself to offer the same things as your competitors? Why settle for high bounce rates, low engagement and single-digit lead generation? And why limit your sales team to inferring qualification from views, opens and downloads when they could have deep prospect profiles from explicit interactions?

We are experts in interactive content. We empower digital marketers to generate, qualify and profile leads using differentiated and relevant interactivity — without costly, complex and time-consuming development.

Content That People Use

Our platform produces stunning interactive experiences that cut through the content marketing clutter with something very obviously different. Experiences that look better, work better and perform better than the passive content they replace.

We enable rapid creation, testing and measurement of self-assessments, report cards, configurators, calculators, quizzes, lookbooks, eBooks, interactive white papers, interactive infographics and just about any other type of engaging, interactive experience. Our platform centralizes these experiences—maintaining brand, data and user experience standards, accelerating speed-to-market, reducing complexity and enhancing dynamic targeting and personalization.

Enterprise-Class SaaS

Our enterprise-class software-as-a-service is loved by hundreds of leading brands. Some use it as a do-it-yourself tool, while some engage our strategy, design and technical services to produce turnkey interactive content programs.


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Platform Capabilities at a Glance

ion’s interactive content platform enables agile creation, testing and measurement of industry-leading experiences without development:

Engaging Experiences

Create Engaging Experiences

ion’s Creative Studio enables development-free creation of responsive (desktop, tablet and mobile), interactive content.
Data Driven Logic

Dynamic Data-Driven Logic

Over 1,200 combinations of data-driven logic can be applied and layered to create even the most sophisticated dynamic logic—without code or development.
Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

ion’s Quick Start Cloud provides best-in-class, pre-fabricated interactive templates. Download, customize and launch fast. Innovative new Quick Starts are launched continuously and usage is unlimited.
AB Testing

Integrated A/B/n Testing

Test experiences against one another without code or development.

Services Capabilities at a Glance

For platform customers who need our ongoing help, we provide strategy, design, production, technical services and analysis.

Managed Programs

Managed Programs

Our most popular service option provides a turnkey interactive content program over a predetermined period of time.


For a small subset of customers that have highly-specialized requirements, our entirely custom offering is the perfect solution.


Your Content Marketing with ion interactive


Your Content Marketing with ion interactive

ion provides an agile technology platform and optional services programs.

ion’s platform launches, customizes and tests all types of state-of-the-art interactive experiences without development resources. ion’s interactive infographics, ebooks, assessments, quizzes, lookbooks, interactive white papers, calculators, wizards and configurators deliver competitive differentiation, conversion performance and lead quality for in-house and agency teams.

Since 1998, ion interactive has delivered world-class software and services to global brands and agencies.

ion’s co-founders, Scott Brinker, Justin Talerico and Anna Talerico, continue to provide the vision and day-to-day leadership that make ion a growing, profitable and leading marketing technology provider. The company is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida with its software engineering and marketing technology teams based in its Cambridge, Massachusetts office.

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